Love and Latitude Azurite Necklace

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This engraved coordinates necklace will be a reminder of the special place you hold close to your heart. It may be where you grew up, a grandparents home or a summer lake house, where you went to college or where you met the love of your life. 

On a recent buying trip I found the most gorgeous azurite beads. The minute I laid eyes on these amazing stones I knew what I wanted to do with them. Azurite is mostly found France and Namibia, while noteworthy occurrences have been found in Mexico, Chile, Australia, Russia, and Morocco. 

The azurite pendant is approximately a half inch in diameter with a small sterling silver or gold filled disc that hangs from the top.

You may choose 16-18 inches or 18-20 inches for the sterling silver or 14k gold filled yellow gold chain.