Affections Necklace™ - Sterling Silver


We wanted our Affection Necklace to be unique, personalized and clearly artisan. Each disc is hammered to create an unique shaped.  Each disc/pendant will be hand stamped, hammered and shaped by one of our artist, maybe two.  We consider our jewelry art and we don’t want clean lines or a perfect polish.  We oxidize the chain and pendants to give the necklace depth and show off the details of the faceted rolo chain and the layers of the pendant.  Please know each necklace we create will look different from the next and be incomparable to each other.  Your necklace will be uniquely yours.

Each disc measures approximately 1/2” give or take.

Use up to 7 letters and spaces.

Necklace lengths can be 16 to 24 inches.

The necklace price below includes one chain and one disc.  For additional discs, the cost is $10 per disc.

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