Sterling Silver Intaglio Necklace

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One of my all time favorite collections that my husband Sean and I have grown over the years are French and English intaglio wax seals dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. The history behind the seals and the meanings continue to fascinate me. We have taken impressions from the original seals in wax and have cast them in sterling silver. The pendants are approximately 1/2 inches. Each wax seal pendant is hand cast and unique, no two are alike.

Love & Truth - The meaning, of course, is one can not survive without the other. Love and truth go hand in hand and will survive as long as they have each other. 

God Give Us - is seal states 'god gives us', and underneath is a cornucopia or horn of plenty, filled to overflowing. The message being 'God gives us plenty.'

Such Is Life - the seal shows a ship on wavy waters. This intaglio reminds us that things aren’t always easy and we don’t always want to except but such is life, we must accept and move on. 

Patience - the lion reminds us that patience is power.

Each intaglio necklace is 16 inches adjustable to 18 inches. If you prefer a different length, please state in the notes at check out.