2 Name Namedala® - Mandala Name Necklace

$69.30 $99

Using our original 1 name design, now you can get 2 names!

Namedala® turns your name into a work of Art.  The personalization of this piece is so subtle, that it takes a moment to recognize the name in the design.  It is a statement necklace and definitely a conversation starter!

Mandala pendant customized with 2 names

Completely unique - no two are the same.

Sterling silver and yellow/rose gold pendant and chain options to choose from.

Matte sheen metal finish

Engraved (not printed)

Lengths available in 16", 18", 20"

Pendant is 1" - 1.25" in diameter (diameter may vary slightly if we feel more or less space is necessary to accommodate your name)

If our artists are not able to work with the provided name, we will contact you to discuss further.

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