Ring sizing info

In order to find your proper ring size measurement, we suggest visiting a local jeweler. They can help determine your true ring size.

Measuring your Finger at home

Sizing yourself for a ring at home is easier than you might think. There are multiples ways to go about determining your ring size so I'll walk you through a couple. The easiest way to size yourself is by using a flexible tape measure that you might find in a sewing kit. Simply wrap the tape measure around the finger you want the ring for and match it up with the ring size measurement chart I have provided below. If you don't have a flexible measuring device for ring sizing, you can take a piece of string or yarn and wrap it around your finger then measure that length with a ruler. Compare the measurement with our ring size conversion chart below.

Size Chart

Size 4: 1  13/16 inches or 46.5 mm

Size 5: 1  15/16 inches or 49 mm

Size 6: 2  1/16 inches or 51.7 mm

Size 7: 2  1/8 inches or 54.3 mm

Size 8: 2  1/4 inches or 57.2 mm

Size 9: 2  5/16 inches or 59.7 mm

Size 10: 2  7/16 inches or 62.2 mm

Size 11: 2  9/16 inches or 64.7 mm

Size 12: 2  5/8 inches or 67.2 mm

Size 13: 2  3/4 inches or 69.7 mm

Size 14: 2  7/8 inches or 72 mm

Extra Tips for Measuring your Finger

Make sure your hand isn't too warm. You want to get an accurate ring size measurement, so make sure your hands aren't swollen when determining ring size.

Wrap your string or tape measure snugly around your finger. It shouldn't be too loose, but also not too tight.

** If you're ordering one of our custom handmade rings as a gift, we encourage you to determine a true ring size before placing your order. Ring sizes are not determined by weight, height, or age. They vary per individual. In the event that you are unsure but are wanting to give a set of rings as a gift, we do offer gift certificates. Because of the nature of our pieces each being customized we cannot accept returns on our rings due to ordering an incorrect size, and we do charge a small fee for resizing orders.