Create an unforgettably special gift for yourself or a loved one – create your own custom word or name necklace with HeidiJHale. All of our engraved pendant necklaces are handmade by our team of talented local artisans to bring your idea to life in gorgeous style. Whether you want to keep the names of your loved ones close to your heart or want to celebrate a meaningful occasion with engraved handwriting, our custom handmade necklaces will be a special keepsake that you can always carry with you.
If you’re drawn to gold or sterling silver, clusters or simple engraved pendants, we have a design for you here. If you want something truly one of a kind, try the HeidiJHale Namedala collection. These pendants turn your name – or a word of your choice – into a work of art that stands out in a crowd.
Not in the mood for personalization? You’ll love our gemstone collection or necklaces like our adorable “To the Moon and Back” pendant. Celebrate a special moment in your life and find your new favorite accessory online at HeidiJHale.

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