Sean Hale, Not Just Heidi’s Husband

Miniature blow torches, melting things, gemstones, precious metals, creating things with his hands, hanging out with his wife – a few of the reasons Sean Hale couldn’t resist becoming a very significant part of HeidiJHale. Early on, Sean stepped up to help Heidi with all things technical like creating her first website and helping with the back-end of her small in home business. As Heidi’s passion for her custom jewelry grew so did Sean’s desire to be a part of it.

To be totally honest, and a little mushy, it began as mostly a love story – a loving husband helping his wife foster an amazing talent and helping her create a successful business. What pulled Sean into his role as a designer was his desire to just sit and be with his wife during the late evenings when she was working in her studio after putting their kids to bed. As Heidi’s designs grew in popularity so did her production orders. Naturally as her husband, he wanted to help her so he began assisting her with fulfilling orders but quickly realized he truly enjoyed making jewelry. With a background in architecture Sean always enjoyed making things with his hands so creating jewelry by molding precious metals together with fire and was right up his alley.

As HeidiJHale grew so did the range of style and list of artisans creating their own unique limited editions in the studio. Sean is now one of our lead designers and specialized in limited editions. When he’s not managing our operations, ordering materials, or making revisions to our website he’s creating absolutely stunning one of a kind pieces out of rare stones and coins. He specialized in ring designs such as the 22K Gold Pearl Coin RingGold and Silver Double Rustic Rose Cut Diamond RingGold and Silver Blue Kyanite Ring

Each of our artisans have styles and materials they love to work with, usually influenced by something or someone from their childhood. Growing up in Utah, Sean gained an early appreciation for turquoise and can recall many turquoise pieces his grandparents wore, including turquoise cuffs. When you see a turquoise piece online or in our studio, you can usually guarantee it was designed by Sean, like this Royston Turquoise Sterling Silver Bangle.

Sean is a natural collector of rare items and always has been.

As a kid he loved collecting coins so it’s no surprise that another signature style of Sean’s are his coin designs. When Sean is creating his beautiful coin rings and cuff links he uses real coins but ones that are destined for melting, meaning he doesn’t use extremely rare collector grade coins. While he loves using coins he still has a huge appreciation for rare coins and his fellow collectors.

His favorite design so far…

When you ask Sean what his favorite design so far has been, he immediately says, “The Tree of Hope Ring!”

This piece is not only one of my favorites because of the design itself but also because of the deep meaning behind it and the memories I have designing it with Heidi. This ring represents so much for us but also our customers.

Heidi and Sean designed this ring together with an inspiration to create a wearable reminder that you truly can get through anything life throws your way and that your tree will stand tall. Even in the storm of life, your tree will stand tall.

His unique specialty in rustic coin rings, turquoise, and precious gemstones allows us to offer an incredible array of limited edition pieces to our collection.