Ten Ways to Show Mom You Care

Mothers and Grandmothers have a special way of making us feel warm, comforted, and loved. Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, a birthday, Christmas, or even just because, it’s nice to show mom you care. In the same breath, let’s point out there are also stepmoms, aunts, big sisters, little sisters, mentors, and Godmothers that can mean the same to you. Here are ten ways to show these amazing women in your life just how much.

Show mom you care with Say it on a Ring™

While not the very first piece of jewelry Heidi has designed, it’s by far the most popular. Customize these rings with names of children, birth dates, favorite Bible verses, or even characteristics that describe that special woman. These rings come in silver or gold.



Say it on a Bangle™

Bangles have become increasingly popular and are a fun way to display words to live by and reminders of your life’s journey. Mix them up with our fashion bangles for a completed look.

Handwritten Thin Cuff

Whether from the past or present, keep them close with our handwritten message thin cuff.  Upload handwriting directly from your phone.

Circle of Names Tassel Necklace and Tassel Monogram Necklaces

One of our newest designs in 2016. These monogram necklaces have been extremely popular. Almost every day we have women coming into the store saying, “I want the monogram necklace!”


Say it on a Bracelet™ and Say it on Circles™ Necklace

After Say it on a Ring™ became so popular, we wanted to create necklaces and bracelets that served the same purpose. Our Say it on Cirlces™ bracelet is extremely popular for grandmothers with lots of grandchildren because of how gorgeous it looks with multiple names.  One idea we love is to put her own children’s names on the necklace, and all of her grandchildren’s names on the bracelet.


Close to the Heart Necklace

Another personalized necklace option. This one is great for names or other personalized messages such as special dates, words to live by, Bible verses, and more.

Say it on a Dome™ Ring

Similar to our Circle of Names Tassel Necklace, this ring is a gorgeous way to display the names of loved ones.

Love Blooms Necklace

This necklace is meant to showcase the nurturing love of a mother or grandmother. One pendant symbolizes that this love is forever blooming and growing as the children grow. The other includes the initials of those children. The chain contains the birthstones of those children to represent the beginning of that blooming love.

Twisted Heart Necklace

This beautiful pendant can contain up to 15 characters. Showcase names or a personal message to mom or grandma such as, “Appreciated” or “Always Loved.”

Gold and Silver Monogram Dome Ring

This ring is one of Heidi’s personal favorites that she wears almost daily. Here you can see her own ring with her monogram. Combining gold and silver makes this ring universal with any style.

Can you imagine the look on her face when she opens a gift from you containing details that have such personal meaning? All of these handcrafted designs are made in our Muncie, Indiana studio by our local artisans. The precious metals, stones, and components are all personally sourced by Heidi herself. Since each piece is handmade and customized, you can let the special woman in your life know that there is no other in the world like it – just like her.