To Thine Own Self Be True Necklace

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To thine own self be true. -William Shakespeare 

In a world of beauty apps, selfies and influencers, we all need to be reminded to be our authentic self.  Be true to yourself and others, be an example and do the good.

Our “To Thine Own Self Be True” necklace features a beautiful chrome diopside natural stone. Chrome diopside is mined primarily in Russia and is known for its rich vivid hues of green. Chrome diopside is cone extend with the heart chakra. Each chrome diopside necklace is handmade by our artists in our Midwest studio.

The pendant measures approximately 1 inch in diameter. The necklace comes with an 18 inch chain that is adjustable to 20 inches. If you prefer a different length, please put your request in the order notes at checkout. 

This is a quick ship item that will be shipped within 48 hours (keep in mind we don’t count weekends since our studio is closed then).